1. Buttons
  2. Chess
  3. Prefabricated home and movable sructures
  4. Ruler
  5. Shampoo
  6. Snakes and laders
  7. Cotton cutivation
  8. Fibonacci numbers Continue reading...

  1. Take a solo trip
  2. Give time to your hobbies
  3. take care of your body
  4. Live alone
  5. Find the job you love
  6. Save money
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Keep a Pet
  9. Party your heart out
  10. Spend time with your parents   Continue reading ....

The truth about the state of women in the world.

The Most Amazing Lie in History. Continue reading ....

Hyperlapse, Instagram's new app Continue reading ...

Adding to the existing hype, a leaked image of the iPhone 6 manual confirms launch date and other details about the device. Continue reading...
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